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About UniDiverse

With UniDiverse, we present 4 different equity funds which follow different fund management styles and portfolios. If you seek to build a mutual fund portfolio and want to get the best out of the diverse investment styles being followed by our fund managers, then UniDiverse is for you. All the more, it is important to consider the extent of portfolio overlap while constructing a mutual fund portfolio as it gives each scheme its own unique identity. At SBI MF, our endeavor is to provide schemes with unique investing styles thus creating distinctive portfolios.

What is Portfolio Overlap?

Portfolio Overlap refers to the common securities between two funds or the extent to which two fund portfolios share similarities. This signifies the variety of investment styles available under one umbrella at SBI Mutual Fund, Also, it reflects the independence of thought process across various Fund Managers ensuring Diversity of portfolios.

What does Portfolio Overlap signify?

Lower Portfolio Overlap: generally means the schemes follow distinct investment philosophy /style.
Higher Portfolio Overlap: generally signifies similarities in investment philosophy/style.

Explore UniDiverse with Lower Portfolio Overlap

It has been found that out of 55 instances between equity schemes, there were only 5 instances where the portfolio overlap was around 40% (Data as of September 2023) In order to create a diversified portfolio which captures the unique investment styles of our fund managers, you could look at some of the following schemes for your next investment.

List of our UniDiverse Schemes
FundManaged ByDetails
SBI Contra FundDinesh BalachandranView Details
SBI Large & Midcap FundSaurabh PantView Details
SBI Focused Equity FundR. SrinivasanView Details
SBI Mangnum Midcap FundSohini AndaniView Details


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