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Have you saved for a rainy day?

Calculate how much you need to set aside for emergencies

I earn
in a month
Have you saved for a rainy day?

Your Emergency Fund

I earn
in a month and
I want to be prepared for any emergency in

6 months

You should have an Emergency Fund of₹90,000

You can achieve SIP of

Returns are assumed at 6% per annum

Have an Emergency Fund by

Terms and conditions : This calculator is meant for investor education purpose only and not aimed at soliciting investments in any particular scheme of SBI Mutual Fund. It is designed to help investors in determining the appropriate amount accumulated through.

Why should you have an Emergency Fund?

Created for the short term

Be prepared for any situation

A sudden health emergency, a pause to your monthly income, or even a big repair cost can happen at any time. An emergency fund ensures you have a safe, planned alternative for life's surprises.

Be prepared for any situation

Created for the short term

Depending on your life goal investments for an emergency is not the wise idea. Set aside a portion of your savings towards unplanned emergencies so that you are both prepared and at the same time not putting your life goals on hold.

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