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World Economic Forum (WEF) has warned that five of the six biggest risks facing the world are related to climate change. Businesses/ Companies would be required to develop climate resilience adaption strategy to be future ready. Hence it isnecessary for businesses to look at sustainable investing.

What is Sustainable Investing ?

It is an approach to investment where Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors, in combination with financial considerations, guide the selection and management of investments.

Growth Drivers Of ESG Investing

Investors are Changing

Over the next two to three decades, the millennial generation would look forward for investing in ESG assets across the globe.

Data & Analytics are evolving

Better data, policy nudge combined with better ESG research and analytics capabilities; facilitates systematic, quantitative, objective and financially relevant approaches to ESG key issues.

World is Changing

Flood risk and sea level rise, privacy and data security, demographic shifts. and regulatory pressures - new risk factors for investors. Modern investor may re-valuate traditional investment approaches.

Sustainable Investing - Approaches


Exclude sectors/companies /practices based on ESG criteria.

Refer ESG score

Investing in sectors or companies that are selected for their positive ESG score.

Social Goals

Invests with an idea of generating an environmental or social impact along with financial returns


ESG Team