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The Fundamentals of Investing

Get acquainted with the basics of mutual funds in 10 mins

  • Mutual Fund Basics

    ・ 1.28 mins
  • Benefits of Mutual Funds

    ・ 1.32 mins
  • What is Mutual Fund NAV

    ・ 1.21 mins
  • Types of Mutual Funds

    ・ 1.27 mins
  • What is SIP?

    ・ 1.27 mins

1Mutual Fund Basics

2Benefits of Mutual Funds

3What is Mutual Fund NAV

4Types of Mutual Funds

5What is SIP?

Don’t know where to start?

Here is a curated selection of funds and plans for you

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    Invest in our ELSS fund for higher returns

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    Earn higher returns than your savings account

    instant withdrawal
  • Top Performing Funds

    See the best of what we have to offer and take your pick on what you feel is the best for you

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To make my first crore, I can invest
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I want to be prepared for any emergency in

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20 Years

with an
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You can achieve this with a SIP of


Returns are assumed at 6% per annum

Reach your goal in

years with a SIP of /month

Returns are assumed at 6% per annum

If you start today, you could have your Emergency Fund by Jan, 2021

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to invest in Mutual Funds

To invest in Mutual Funds
Step 1. Complete your KYC
Step 2. Generate a folio
Step 3. Select funds that you wish to invest in basis your financial goals
Step 4. Select the investment type
Step 5. Enter Investment Details
Step 6. Confirm the details & make payment
Once complete investments will be visible 3-5 working days post the transaction debit date. Login to the website or Download InvesTap to keep track of your investments

What are the benefits of Investing in a Mutual Fund?

Advantages of investing in Mutual Funds are Professional management, affordable portfolio diversification through investments in different asset classes, Liquidity, Tax benefit in case of ELSS and RGESS funds and regulatory comfort

How do I Plan my investments

Step 1. Understand your investment profile, basis your financial goals, your investment tenure and your risk appetite
Step 2: Choose the right category of funds - Debt or Equity, Large Cap or Mid Cap. Understand the risk exposure, the type of instruments a fund invests in, the investment style
Step 3: Pick the right Mutual Fund - You can evaluate the fund based on risk adjusted returns, performance across various cycles ac
Step 4: Monitor Regularly

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