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SBI NIFTY 200 Quality 30 ETF Formerly known as (SBI ETF Quality)

Fund Manager
  • Mr. Raviprakash Sharma

    Managing this fund since Dec 2018.

    Total Experience 18 years .

    • Category
    • AUM ():
      38.31 Cr as on 30 Nov 2022
    • Risk
      • Benchmark & Underlying Index: Nifty200 Quality 30 Index
      • Creation Unit Size: 11000 units & in multiples thereof
    • Benchmark
      Nifty200 Quality 30
    • Exit Load
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    • Type of Scheme N.A.
    • Launch Date
      December 17, 2018

    as on October 31, 2022

    The investment objective of the scheme is to provide returns that closely correspond to the total returns of the securities as represented by the underlying index, subject to tracking error.
    However, there is no guarantee or assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.

    Compounded Annualized Growth Rate Performance

    Last 1 Year Last 3 Year Last 5 Year Since Inception(17/12/2018)
    SBI Nifty 200 Quality 30 ETF0.54%14.06%N.A.13.96%
    Scheme Benchmark: - Nifty 200 Quality 30 Index TRI
    Additional Benchmark: - S&P BSE Sensex TRI

    Current Value of Standard Investment of Rs 10,000

    Last 1 Year Last 3 Year Last 5 Year Since Inception(17/12/2018)
    SBI Nifty 200 Quality 30 ETF 10054 14843.27N.A. 16634.61
    Scheme Benchmark: - Nifty 200 Quality 30 Index TRI
    10112 15100.89N.A. 17012.13
    Additional Benchmark: - S&P BSE Sensex TRI
    10370 15668.36N.A. 18192.21

    Different plans have a different expense structure

    Quantitative Data
    Expense Ratio** (As on 2022-08-31): 0.50
    Tracking Error* (As on 2022-12-05): 0.05%

    **All expense ratios are inclusive of GST on Management Fees

    Latest NAV: iNAV :
    1. Transaction charges payable by the investor is per creation request and will be as determined by the AMC at the time of transaction.
    2. The STT, Depository & Upload charges will be at actuals.
    3. Cash component is an indicative amount and will be collected/paid as applicable on the date of purchase/redemption.

    Unit holders, other than Authorised Participants and Large Investors, can redeem units in less than Creation Unit Size of the Scheme directly with the Mutual Fund in the following cases:

    • Traded price (closing price) of the ETF units is at discount of more than 1% to the day end NAV for 7 continuous trading days, or
    • No quotes for such ETFs are available on stock exchange(s) for 3 consecutive trading days, or
    • Total bid size on the exchange is less than half of creation units size daily, averaged over a period of 7 consecutive trading days

    In such a scenario valid applications received up to 3 p.m. by the Mutual Fund shall be processed and the Redemption proceeds would be paid in cash and would be as per the NAV of the Scheme declared by the Mutual Fund at the end of the day on which the Redemption request is received. Any redemption as specified above shall be made without any payments of Exit Load.

    Note : Please select the date below to check the availability of this direct redemption option

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