SBI - ETF Nifty Bank

  • Category: OTHER SCHEMES
  • AAUM: 738.47 Cr as on 31 May 2018
  • Investment Options: Not Available
  • Entry Load: N.A.
  • Inception: March 02, 2015
  • Benchmark:
    CNX Bank Index
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    The banking sector mirrors the economy and is pivotal to economic growth. Introduction of major policy reforms, huge untapped potential in India and the diversity of the sector are drivers of growth and present a compelling investment opportunity. SBI-ETF Nifty Bank emulates the Nifty Bank Index that essentially reflects the capital market performance of Indian Banks, allowing you to tap into this potential. Invest and be a part of this growth.


    • Minimum application amount directly with fund: Authorised Participants and Large Investors can directly purchase/ redeem in blocks from the fund in 'Creation Unit' size on any business day. On the Exchange – The units of the scheme can be purchase/ redeem in minimum lot of 1 unit and in multiples thereof.
    • Dematerialization: The units of the Scheme will be available in the Dematerialized (electronic) mode only.

    The applicant under the Scheme will be required to have a beneficiary account with a Depository Participant of NSDL/CDSL and will be required to indicate in the application, the DP’s name, DP ID Number and beneficiary account number of the applicant with the DP.

    Units of the Schemes will be issued/repurchase and settled compulsorily in dematerialized form. Applications without relevant details of investor’s depository account are liable to be rejected.

    Exchange Listing: Fund will be listed on National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE Ltd.)

    Nifty Bank Index:

    • Launch Date: Sep 15, 2003
    • No. of Constituents: 12
    • Index rebalancing: Semi-Annually
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Quantitative Data As on 31-May-2018
Expense Ratio*: 0.20
Tracking Error*: 0.02%
Source:CRISIL Fund Analyser

*Tracking Error is computed using Total Returns Index for the 3 Year Period ending March 28, 2018, based on month-end NAV.

*Expense ratio exclusive of Service Tax on Management Fees

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Latest NAV: SBI - ETF Nifty Bank iNAV :
  1. Transaction charges payable by the investor is per creation request and will be as determined by the AMC at the time of transaction.
  2. The STT, Depository & Upload charges will be at actuals.
  3. Cash component is an indicative amount and will be collected/paid as applicable on the date of purchase/redemption.

Unit holders, other than Authorised Participants and Large Investors, can redeem units in less than Creation Unit Size of the Scheme directly with the Mutual Fund in the following cases:

  • if the traded price of the ETF units is at a discount of more than 3% to the NAV for continuous 30 days; or
  • if discount of bid price to applicable NAV is more than 3% over a period of 7 consecutive trading days; or
  • if no quotes are available on exchange for 3 consecutive trading days; or
  • when the total bid size on the exchange is less than half of Creation Unit size daily, averaged over a period of 7 consecutive trading days.
In such a scenario valid applications received up to 3 p.m. by the Mutual Fund shall be processed and the Redemption proceeds would be paid in cash and would be as per the NAV of the Scheme declared by the Mutual Fund at the end of the day on which the Redemption request is received. Any redemption as specified above shall be made without any payments of Exit Load.

Note: Please select the date below to check the availability of this direct redemption option

Fund Manager
  • Mr. Raviprakash Sharma

    Managing this fund since Mar 2015.

    Total Experience 18 years .

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