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Trigger Facility

Trigger is a specific event, on occurrence of which the funds from one scheme will be automatically redeemed and/or switched to another scheme as specified by the investor. A trigger will activate a transaction/alert when the event selected for, has reached a value equal to or greater than (as the exact trigger value may or may not be achieved) the specified particular value (trigger point).

Types of Triggers:

  • NAV Appreciation / Depreciation Trigger: Under this facility, Investor can indicate NAV appreciation or depreciation in percentage terms for exit trigger. The minimum % NAV appreciation or depreciation is 5% and in multiples of 1% thereafter. On activation of the trigger the applicable NAV for the transaction will be of the day on which the trigger has been activated.
  • Index Level Appreciation / Depreciation Trigger: Under this facility, investor would indicate the Sensex level as the trigger to redeem/ switch from one scheme to another. The Sensex level to be indicated in multiples of 100 only. In case indicated otherwise, it will be rounded off to nearest 100 points. The investor may choose the Sensex level above or below the current level.
  • Capital Appreciation / Depreciation: Under this facility, investors will be given the option to indicate the capital appreciation / depreciation in monetary terms to activate the trigger. Minimum Capital Appreciation / Depreciation should be Rs. 10,000 & in multiples of Rs. 1000 thereafter.

Terms and conditions of Trigger facility are as follows:
  1. The Trigger option mandate will be registered on T+10 basis.
  2. Minimum investment amount under the “Trigger Facility” is Rs. 25,000/- and in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter.
  3. Combination of trigger facilities is not permitted. The investor may choose only one of the available triggers.
  4. The specified trigger will fail, if the investor(s) do not maintain sufficient balance in source scheme(s) on the trigger date. Trigger will also not get executed in case units are under pledge / lien.
  5. Trigger facility shall be applicable subject to exit load, if any, in the transferor schemes.
  6. Investor cannot modify a Trigger registration once submitted. Investor must cancel the existing Trigger option and enroll for a fresh Trigger option.
  7. In case Trigger is not activated within one year of application, the Trigger registration will cease to exist. In such cases, investor(s) would have to register fresh trigger mandates.
  8. In case investor(s) redeem part or full amount or switch the amount from source scheme, the trigger facility would cease to exist.

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