SBI Magnum Gilt Fund - Long Term

  • Category: DEBT
  • AAUM: 2363.69 Cr as on 31 Jan 2017
  • Investment Options: Dividend , Growth
  • Entry Load: N.A.
as on
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Quantitative DataAs on 31-Jan-2017
Expense Ratio*: 0.96
Modified Duration*: 5.42
Average Maturity*: 7.49 years
Yield To Maturity*: 6.51
As on  31/01/2017
Portfolio Holdings
Stock Name (%) Of Total AUM
7.59% CGL 2026 42.59
6.97% CGL 2026 35.60
CBLO 18.20
8.27% CGL 2020 4.52
8.12% CGL 2020 2.94
6.90% CGL 2019 0.00
Sectoral Breakdown (in %)
CBLO 18.20
  • What are the options available to you to invest in fixed income securities? Fixed deposit of banks, Infrastructure bonds, post office deposit, government securities, corporate bonds etc. are some of the options. Investment in options like fixed deposit of banks, post office deposit is simple and easily understood as these investments are generally held till maturity & are not traded on any stock exchange or other platforms. These investments are considered as safer investment however these investments suffer from lack of liquidity and also returns are linear. Investors are not able to benefit from potential capital gains arising in the falling interest rate scenario.
  • Also,Iinvestment in Government securities, corporate bonds etc. are not simple & easily understood. But these investments are traded on various platforms and prices of these securities are available on day to day basis. Therefore these securities provide liquidity and opportunity for potential capital gains in the falling interest rate scenario. Investments in these securities require professional management.
  • Long term income fund/ Dynamic bond fund invest in government securities, corporate bonds, debentures, bonds issued by PSU etc. These funds invest in various investment grade securities and various tenure securities. Average maturity is generally above three years and can go up as high as possible.
  • SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Long Term Plan invests in government securities only. Average portfolio maturity will be above three years.
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Fund Manager
  • Mr. Dinesh Ahuja

    Managing this fund since Aug 2014.

    Total experience 18 years .

  • Investment Objective
    • To provide the investors with returns generated through investments in government securities issued by the Central Government and / or a State Government.

      Medium Term

    Investment Information
    SIP -

    Weekly SIP - Minimum Rs. 1000 & in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter for minimum 6 weeks

    Monthly - Minimum Rs. 1000 & in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter for minimum 6 months or Minimum Rs. 500 & in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter for minimum 12 months

    Quarterly - Minimum 1500 & in multiples of 1 thereafter for minimum 1 year

    Lumpsum - 5000
    Switch - N.A.
    SWP - Minimum Rs. 500 per month/ per quarter
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