November 2016



Dear Friends,

Indian equities ended marginally higher in October amid high volatility. Investors cheered the easing of domestic retail and wholesale price inflation and the indices received further support from the ECB maintaining its quantitative easing program and positive Chinese economic cues. Retail investors continued to invest in the markets with record inflows into equities and equity-based investments like mutual funds, especially through Systematic Investment Plans. Mutual Funds continued to do well and the industry’s asset base rose to an all-time high of Rs 16.3 lakh crore at the end of October, backed by inflow into both income and equity segments.

However, the coming months are going to be a test for the markets - domestic and global- as well as investors. The uncertainty regarding the impact of the US Presidential Elections and closer to home, the campaign against black money, will increase market volatility. But as we asset managers keep reiterating, these are momentary, short-term movements. Investors, however, should firmly focus on the long term where India stands out as a solid market, quite in contrast to the western economies as also other emerging markets. A series of strong policy initiatives from the Government aimed at the parallel economy viz GST implementation, Jan Dhan Yojana, DBT, Black Money law, Benami transactions law, requirement of PAN card for high value transactions, reforms in the real estate and gold markets, and the latest anti-black money initiatives - collectively promise to be game-changing. The parallel economy coming into the mainstream will incentivize financial savings. The higher tax revenues coupled with financialization of household savings augur well for infrastructure build up, potentially kick starting a long term growth cycle sustained by domestic demand. Thus our long-term view on the potential of the latest developments on the economy and the markets remains positive.

As a fund house, we advise you to think long-term when planning for your goals and if investing in equity then preferably do it through a Systematic Investment Plan. Equity is and remains an attractive asset class for retail investors due to its potential to generate returns better than inflation over the long-term and the tax-exempt status of its returns. Hence, equity is an essential ingredient for every portfolio - a young-salaried individual with a predominant equity-based portfolio to a retiree who is conservative but wants to look at opportunities to boost portfolio returns. Mutual Funds are a unique investment vehicle offering ‘customised’ solutions for investors looking at equity as an asset class, right from monthly income plans which have a lower equity exposure to diversified equity funds.

We as a country are still investing only a small percentage of our savings into growth-based investments like equity and if you have not done so yet, start today! In effect, it enables the common citizen to participate in and benefit from the economic progress of the nation. A little bit of equity is good for your portfolio.

As always, we value your investments and look forward to your continued patronage.

Warm Regards,

Anuradha Rao

Managing Director & CEO


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