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January 2019



Dear Investors,

Year 2018 was a year of transformations for the mutual fund industry as we successfully completed the recategorization and reclassification of mutual fund schemes, changes in TER (Total Expense Ratios) and reintroduction of taxation for equity-oriented funds. At the organizational level, we moved up the ladder in terms of industry ranking, for the full-year our market share rose by around 200 basis points (bps) and, in the process, we registered the highest growth amongst the top 12 fund houses.

During the year, we further strengthened our commitment towards responsible investing, as we repositioned one of our flagship schemes as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) fund – the first ESG theme fund in the industry. We also become signatories to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

As we work towards building a sustainable future, we also need to look at smaller things in life, which are often neglected such as your free cash. I would like to urge each one of you to understand and unravel the hidden potential of the money lying idle with you. In general, people are either unaware or ignorant of the fact that idle money can generate returns & be readily available at the same time.

Liquid Funds can help you make optimal use of your money that you might not require for immediate consumption. Liquid Fund is not only low on risk for the way the portfolio is structured, but also offers instant liquidity. You can look at investing in liquid fund for a duration as low as 1 day. Further, the fund offers instant redemption* facility for ease of redemption. Over period, even a 1% higher return earned on the idle parked money can help you meet your smaller financial needs. So, this New Year, do take the smarter decision towards making your every Rupee count.

Also, as we go along do remember the importance of regular investments by way a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Stopping SIPs due to uncertain nature of the markets is never a wise decision. Just like we remain committed towards our goal of offering and enabling simpler solutions, you too remain committed to your long-term investments. During times of doubt, do get in touch with your financial advisor or distributor for advice.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of our partners, associates, employees and your faith in us, the year 2018 has been good in terms of business growth, investment management recognitions and ranking. While all of this is relevant, ultimately what holds paramount importance is the impact of our efforts on your investment experience.

At this note, let me also wish each one of you a very Happy & Prosperous 2019.

Happy Investing!

Warm regards,

Ashwani Bhatia
Managing Director & CEO

*The maximum instant redemption is capped at Rs. 50,000, per day, or 90% of the current investment value, whichever is lower.


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