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Dear Investors,

Nations across the globe have been slowly opening up, after nearly six months of lockdown which left global trade and commerce in shambles. While the impact of the lockdown will be seen in growth numbers, equity markets seem to be considering this opening up as an optimistic sign of things to come. This sentiment was reflected in the markets in August with the BSE Sensex* rising by 2.7%, making it the third straight month of gains.

While most manufacturing and service companies have pulled their shutters up, nowhere is the impact being felt more acutely than in the education sector where schools and colleges are looking to reopen their gates. Countries such as UK, France, Germany, Norway, Israel, Cambodia, Pakistan and India have decided to restart schools and colleges. By doing so, they have chosen to battle the virus rather than deal with the long-term negative effects of the COVID-induced disruption in the education system.

As per an August 2020 UN report “Policy Brief: Education during COVID-19 and beyond”, nearly 1.6 billion students in over 190 countries have been severely impacted by the closing of educational institutions during the pandemic. While online education served as a temporary plug-in-the-hole, it was still not accessible to all. Further, prolonged deprivation of in-person interactions with other students and teachers - an integral part of the learning experience - can have an indelible impact on children’s overall and long-term development.

While the education landscape changes to accommodate a post-COVID world, parents also need to be prepared and rethink how they plan their child’s future. With this aim in mind, we have decided to add to our kitty another investment solution aimed at securing children’s future, SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund – Investment Plan. Unlike the existing debt-oriented SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Fund – Savings Plan, this is an equity-oriented scheme which aims to meet long-term wealth creation needs. It comes with a five-year lock-in period or until the child attains the age of 18, whichever is earlier. Investment in this scheme can either be through a minor's bank account or a joint account shared by the minor and a parent/legal guardian. Subscriptions during the NFO period (Sept 8-22) can be done via both the SIP and lumpsum routes. With the education costs increasing year-on-year, we believe parents will have to start planning early and for the long-term to meet their children’s ambitions and aspirations. Moreover, we believe that such long-term wealth needs can be achieved only through adequate exposure to equity markets. These markets are closely linked with economic growth and could act as an early indication of green shoots in the economy. Therefore, investments in equity markets in a disciplined and consistent manner is key to generating risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.

To attain this, look no further than the humble SIP. Start small, stay committed, and be patient is all you need to do. It is the convenience, flexibility, and discipline of this investment route that makes it popular among investors. SIPs are now synonymous with mutual funds, and we are confident that when it comes to exploring its potential in wealth creation, we have only just touched the tip of this SIP-iceberg!

While on the subject, we are very excited and privileged to announce that our SIP book has now grown to include over 5 million SIP folios. This is not just a testament to the faith that our investors and distributors have put in us, but also the faith that they have put in the power of an SIP. As a popular saying goes, “Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint.” Similarly, with SIPs - pace your investments, be disciplined in your planning and most importantly, commit to staying invested.

Warm Regards,

Vinay Tonse



Dear Investor, Following is an update on change in cut-off timings for Mutual Fund transactions basis SEBI/AMFI communication w.e.f. 19-Oct-20. Purchase - Liquid & Overnight schemes: 12.30 pm; Debt & Conservative Hybrid schemes: 1.00 pm; All other schemes: 3.00 pm. Redemption - Liquid, Overnight, Debt & Conservative Hybrid schemes: 1.00 pm; All other schemes 3.00 pm. Switch - Equity to Equity scheme: 3.00 pm and for all other schemes switches: 1.00 pm. Click here to read the addendum.