SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund

As we have seen in the markets over time, equities represent one of the best ways to generate wealth over the long term. However, most investors are not able to capitalize on this trend, Why? First, there is this basic human psychology where most of us are hesitant to invest close to market bottoms but get comfortable investing only after valuations have moved up significantly. This leads to significant dilution of returns. Second, there are many investors who are comfortable taking some equity risk but are wary of significant drawdowns that are occasionally seen in pure equity funds. The Multi Asset Allocation fund attempts to solve these problems by investing in a mix of equity, debt and gold instruments. The combination of these three asset classes results in good diversification and improved risk profile for a portfolio.  

SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund gives you the power of many in one fund by investing across multiple asset classes. This enables you to take advantage of diversification and provides an opportunity for long-term capital growth as the fund makes the allocation decisions for you. The equity portion aims at capital appreciation, debt provides stability during volatile time and gold allocation serves as a hedge against risk off scenario.

Why SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund?

The Fund offers diversification across various asset classes, safeguarding your portfolio against downturns in any one class. This diversification strategy mitigates risks, lessening the need for frequent adjustments based on market shifts. Unlike individual investors who may face capital gains taxes with each switch, fund managers handle the rebalancing process, sparing you from tax implications.


Benefits of SBI Multi Asset Allocation Fund


Invest in Equity, Fixed Income & Gold through one fund.


Diversification helps in portfolio stability.

Tax Efficiency

Provides equity / non-equity taxation benefits depending on the asset allocation.


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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Energising the Future

Invest in India's growing Energy Theme

India, the world's 3rd largest energy market, is poised for explosive growth, with its energy needs expected to double by 2050.

This transformation will see India shift from an energy importer to a potential exporter, particularly in the renewable energy sector. This presents a significant and long-term investment opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on India's energy boom.

Source: BP Energy Outlook 2023; 2050 estimates are for Net Zero scenario, SBIMF research

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