The SBI Magnum Equity Fund is an open-ended, diversified scheme that is positioned as a large-cap fund. Large-cap funds, in general, tend to be less volatile, compared to mid - & small-cap funds#. Additionally, the SBI Magnum Equity Fund has the distinction of being one of the oldest equity schemes with a track record of over 24 years. It offers growth potential and capital appreciation which can help you to plan for your future long-term needs.

Investment Objective:

To provide the investor long-term capital appreciation by investing in high growth companies along with the liquidity of an open-ended scheme through investments primarily in equities and the balance in debt and money market instruments.

Fund Facts:

• Date of Inception: 01/01/1991
• Benchmarkr: CNX Nifty Index
• Fund Manager: Mr. R. Srinivasan
• Minimum Investment: 5000 & in multiples of 1
• Load Structure: For exit within 1 year from the date of allotment - 1 %; For exit after 1 year from the date of allotment – Nil
• Plans and Options: Plans - Direct & Regular. Options – Growth and Dividend.

• SIP : Monthly – Minimum 1000 & in multiples of 1 thereafter for minimum six months (or) minimum 500 & in multiples of 1 thereafter for minimum one year.
Quarterly - Minimum 1500 & in multiples of 1 thereafter for minimum one year

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Performance of SBI Magnum Equity Fund:

30 Sep 2015 -
30 Sep 2016
30 Sep 2014 -
30 Sep 2015
30 Sep 2013 -
30 Sep 2014
Since Inception
Absolute Returns (%) Absolute Returns (%) Absolute Returns (%) CAGR Returns (%) PTP Returns (INR)
SBI Magnum Equity Fund 14.09 9.97 44.99 14.93 360298
 Nifty 50 Index
(Scheme Benchmark)
8.33 -0.20 38.87 13.65 270012
(Additional Benchmark)
6.54 -1.79 37.41 13.79 278895

Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Returns (in %) other than since inception are absolute, calculated for dividend option and in INR are point-to-point (PTP) returns calculated on a standard investment of 10,000/-. It is assumed that dividends declared under the scheme have been reinvested at the then prevailing NAV. Growth option introduced on 27/11/2006. Additional benchmark as prescribed by SEBI for equity schemes is used for comparison purposes. Performance of dividend plan for investor would be net of dividend distribution tax as applicable. Performance calculated for Regular Plan

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