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Investment Objective

The scheme endeavours to provide regular income and capital growth with limited interest rate risk to the investors through investments in a portfolio comprising of debt instruments such as Government Securities, PSU & Corporate Bonds and Money Market Instruments maturing on or before the maturity of the scheme.

There is no assurance or guarantee that the scheme’s objective will be achieved.

Fund Facts:

Type of scheme: A close-ended Debt Scheme.

Tenure of the scheme: 1223 Days

Benchmark: CRISIL Medium Term Debt index

Plans/Options offered: The scheme would have two plans viz. Direct Plan & Regular Plan.

Minimum Application Amount: Rs. 5,000/- and in Multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter

Exchange Listing: Units of the scheme will be listed on the NSE Limited within 5 business days from the date of allotment. Further, the AMC may at its discretion list the units on any other stock exchange.

Asset Allocation

Indicative Allocation
(% of total asset)$
Risk Profile
Debt70%100%Low to Medium
Money market securities0%30%Low to Medium

* Exposure to domestic securitized debt may be to the extent of 40% of the net assets.

The Scheme shall not invest in ADR/GDR/ Foreign securities / foreign securitized debt.

The Scheme shall not invest in derivative, including credit default swap (CDS).

The Scheme shall invest in repo in corporate debt.

The Scheme shall not engage in short selling/ Securities lending.

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