​​​​​​​​SBI Savings Fund App

A smarter way to invest and grow your idle money.

It is a common practice to keep our surplus money in traditional instruments. Although safe, these options may not offer returns that keep up with inflation, and are not tax-efficient either. It is time you switch to smarter options of saving and investing. ​

​SBI Savings Fund is an apt choice to park your money .

  • • The fund aims to provide regular income along with capital appreciation
  • • Ideal for investors who want to invest for the short term; 1 month and up to 1 year
  • • It has a high quality portfolio, as majority of investments are in securities of the highest rating
  • • Has the potential to give relatively better returns than traditional saving instruments
  • • Invest online or through the SBI Savings Fund App
  • • It has high liquidity and can be redeemed on any business day


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