​​SBI Mutual Fund Investment App - InvesTap

Now manage your mutual funds on-the-move.

SBI Mutual Fund presents invesTap, an app that provides you with real time updates, helps you consult experts and lets you plan and invest at the touch of a fingertip.

The uniqueness about invesTap:



The first of its kind, this feature enables you to define financial goals for yourself and your family, letting you invests through the app itself.

Comparison of Funds


A feature that helps you compare up to 3 Funds of SBI Mutual Fund, helping you take well-informed decisions


Other key features of the app

  • Financial Transactions
  • Quick Purchase
  • Social Login
  • Manage Your Portfolio
  • Knowledge Series Notifications
  • Push Transaction Notification
  • Schedule Financial Transactions
  • Click to Receive a Call
  • Create Watch Lists

Download SBIMF InvesTap on your mobile now.