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Key Elements of Family Solutions

  • Goal based financial solution tool.
  • Solutions recommended based on your risk appetite and goal.
  • Half yearly review of your Family Solution portfolio to ensure investments in it are on track to achieve your desired goal.

Why SBI MF Family Solutions?

The Family Solutions tool analyses your risk profile and recommends a portfolio of funds to invest in to help achieve your desired goal. The funds recommended are carefully selected taking into consideration your risk profile, goal and inflation.

Additionally, your Family Solutions portfolio will be periodically reviewed to ensure you are on the right path to achieve your goal.

How does family solution work

This tool assesses your risk profile based on your answers to 9 questions and then asks you to provide some details like present cost of your goal, how many years you want to achieve it in and so on. Taking into consideration your risk profile and goal details provided by you the tool arrives at a future cost of your goal and recommends four carefully selected funds for you to invest in to help you achieve your goal.