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SBI Mutual Fund’s Family Solutions Tool helps not just with setting your financial goal, but also offers potential solutions on how to meet your goals - be it a dream home, taking a good vacation, planning your child’s education, marriage or a blissful life after retirement. You can create a customized portfolio with investments via the Systematic Investment Plan in a wide range of SBIMF Products through the help of this tool. Just click on your desired goal to find your suitable investment option.

Retirement Planning

Considering an Inflation-adjusted cost, to be financially independent means taking into account future costs of living and ascertaining the kind of corpus required to be built. Our Retirement Planning Calculator is one such tool that helps derive the estimated requirement corpus at the time of retirement.


Plan for Dream Home

Owning a house gives us a sense of satisfaction and a great feeling of achievement. For this one needs to start saving as early as possible. The savings can be channelized into proper investments through a Systematic Investment Plan in Mutual Funds. Use the goal calculator to derive the estimated amount that needs to be saved monthly to reach your set target within the stipulated time period.


Plan for Vacation

You can plan an enjoyable holiday by drawing up a vacation investment plan and not let financing worries dampen your holiday spirit. Setting aside your surplus cash or bonuses, increments, along with the regular SIPs can help you achieve your vacation budget in a cost effective and convenient manner.


Plan for Child's Education

As a parent, you are the key to your child’s bright future. Right from the primary education to higher professional studies, your child depends upon you for all the financial support needed. Child education plan calculator can help determine the approximate monthly savings needed in order to build wealth in the longer-term, thus endeavoring to sufficing your child’s financial needs during professional or higher studies age.


Plan for Child's Wedding

Every parent desires to make the wedding day of their child a lot more memorable with grand celebrations, destination weddings, return gifts, the best caterers etc. Whats better than starting a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in mutual funds at the time of the child’s birth as a wedding gift for the child. Make a wiser move, and allocate funds as per the specific needs.


Plan your Own Goal - Apna Goal

Follow a 3 step process and get closer towards your goal

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Choose A Goal