Planning to buy your first home in a few years’ time, can be very worrying but planning your finances for it doesn’t have to be! Whether you need funds for a down payment or to buy new furniture, mutual funds can help you.

A great place to start is with a Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) that allows you to save a certain amount of money on a regular basis. With SIP you can invest a fixed amount in mutual funds, on frequencies like weekly, monthly or quarterly thus encouraging regular savings and also earn the benefits of power of compounding. It is best to stay invested for a longer period of time to create wealth.

Start your SIP today to build up a sizable corpus for buying your new home in a few years, without losing sleep about it.


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The Power of Investing in SIP​Mutual Fund

Power of compounding
When you invest regularly for a long period of time the benefits are magnified, thanks to the compounding effect. Simply put, your money grows over time as the money you invest earns returns. And the returns also earn returns.
Monthly Investment
Investment Period



Rs.4.6 Lakhs



Rs.7.6 Lakhs



Rs.15 Lakhs

*Calculation is based on effect of compounding on monthly investments of Rs. 1000- Rs. 20,000 for a period of 20- 30 years in investments offering different rate of returns, i.e. 6% p.a., 10% p.a. and 15% p.a. A monthly investment of Rs. 1000 for 30 years in an investment offering 6% p.a. return can give you Rs. 10 lakhs vs. Rs. 70 lakhs an investment offering 15% p.a. return. Source: internal. Above is for illustrative purpose only. Investors should consult their financial advisers before taking any investment decision.

Power of starting early
By investing early, it would be easy to achieve your goal.

Corpus at 60 years of age

Investor X
Started investing at 25 years of age
Investor Y
Started investing at 30 years of age
Investor X and Y invest Rs 1,000 a month until the age of 60 (assuming an interest rate of 10%)
*Calculation done on the assumption that one investor begins investing at 25 years of age and the other begins investing at 30 years of age. Then at the age of 60, the early investor would have a corpus of over Rs. 38 lakhs vs. a corpus of over Rs. 22 lakhs. Calculation shows a difference of Rs. 16 lakhs at 60 years of age if one starts investing Rs. 1000 earlier by 5 years.

Power of disciplined investing
When investing in SIPs, you do not have to worry about timing the market. Regular investing will ensure that you are invested irrespective of the market highs or lows. This will help you make the best of an opportunity that would have been difficult for you to predict in advance.

Systematic Investing in Equity Mutual Funds

Equity market offers a great opportunity for long term wealth creation. Mutual funds give you access to an experienced fund manager’s expertise in identifying growth opportunities and taking investment decisions. Wealth creation comes with systematic investment over a long term. " SIP in equity mutual funds is an easy way to adopt discipline in investing, reduce volatility associated with equities and get long-term capital returns. "

Moreover, the dividends earned are tax free! Not just that, if you stay invested for more than a year, then the capital gains earned are also tax free!
Secret to Achieving Much More with SIP
List down your goals and how much you need to save in order to achieve them
Ascertain the monthly/quarterly SIP amount required to achieve your goals
Identify the scheme(s) in which you would like to invest and start
Investment Pro Tip
While saving to buy a home, start early!
This will allow your money to grow over time and will allow you to gain from the power of compounding through market cycles
Diversify to increase the stability of your plans to buy your first home
Diversify your investments. This will help increase stability even in a volatile market and ensure that your plan to be a home owner is on track.

Systematic Investment Planner - SIP Calculator

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related document carefully.
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