As parents you want the best for your kids. While they dream, explore, and build their future, you just want to be the wind beneath their wings

Quest to provide them with the best is often accompanied with the anxiety of several unknowns-

“What if the child wants to go abroad for higher education? What if they want to be an entrepreneur in the future? What if they want to take a break after college, explore and travel the world?”.

The What ifs are never ending but fretting over the future will yield you no good. Instead, being able to financially support your child in any endeavor they decide to pursue is just enough to be prepared!

With changing times, there has been significant changes in Children’s Aspirations

Investing for your child’s bright future is one of the most critical goals for every parent.

Secure the future of our loved ones by having a dedicated investment in their name with Children Oriented Mutual Funds.

Plan to support you child’s aspirations in 3 simple steps

Set Goals


Children Oriented
Mutual Funds for
their goals

Set Goals

  • Observe your child’s interest and aspirations for their future

  • Identify the target amount required to meet those aspirations,cost of higher education or capital for their own venture.

  • Take the help of a financial advisor if required.


  • Start investing early to give your investments the gift of time to grow.

  • Equity as an asset class is suitable in planning long-term goals.

  • Increase your investment amount with every rise in your income to keep up with the current costs of the set goals.

  • Stay invested over the long term to create the required corpus for your child’s goals.

Choose Children-Oriented Mutual Funds

  • Offers plans with different mix of equity and debt to suit your investing objectives.

  • Convenient to invest either through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or a lumpsum amount.

  • Facility to top-up your SIP amount regularly with increase in your income.

  • Lock-in period of 5 years (or till they attain age of majority) ensures you are committed to the goal of building capital for your child.

Did you Know?

The cost of education is rising faster than inflation. The cost of higher education is already high and rising at
10-12 per cent a year. School education cost has risen by 150 % in the last 10 years.

Starting early helps in reaching financial goals on time. To accumulate Rs 25 lakh for your child’s higher education at the age of 18, you will need to start investing when he/she is still very young.

*10% annual rate of return assumed for illustrative purpose. Past performance does not guarantee future returns

Attain long-term wealth creation with investments in Children-Oriented Mutual Funds.

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