Investment Planning

step, over a period of time. You can start an SIP for Rs. 2500 per month and benefit from the power of compounding and rupee-cost averaging. This disciplined approach helps you to hedge the investment against inflation.


1. Disciplined Investing approach:Some of you may opt for stock options by timing the market to accrue wealth. However, timing the market calls for market knowledge, research, technical analysis and a lot of time from your end. Further it could also be risky. But through disciplined, regular investments you can stop worrying about when and how much to invest. In a way, it eliminates the need to actively tracking the market. And SIP helps you to achieve just that.

2. Takes advantage of Rupee Cost Averaging:Rupee Cost Averaging is an effective investment strategy that eliminates the need to time the market. All one has to do is to invest a fixed pre decided amount of money on a regular basis for a long period of time. Since the amount invested is constant one buys

  • Market Overview by
    Mr. Navneet Munot,
    CIO, SBI Mutual Fund