SBI Mutual Fund introduces SBI MF Online, an online investment service which  enables you to make online transactions. Have a look at the questions & answers mentioned below to know more about our new services &
online investment process.

  1. What is
    SBI MF Online

    SBI MF Online is an internet based online investment service enabling you to make online transactions on

  2. How can I register for
    SBI MF Online

    To invest through the SBI MF Online service you have to register with us. Only existing investors of SBI Mutual Fund having folio can register for it. To register, follow the process mentioned below.

    a) Generate Folio Personal Identification Number (FPIN). Steps are,
    Step 1 – Go to Invest Online and click on Register Now button. Then select “To generate instant FPIN online, click here” option.
    Step 2 - Enter your folio number and email address registered in the respective folio.
    Step 3 – Enter your PAN Number and Bank account number registered in the respective folio.
    Step 4 – Upon successful verification of the above details, FPIN will be generated by the system and sent to your registered email address.

    b) Creating User Id  & Password – On receiving the FPIN by email, create User Id & Password of your choice. Steps are as follows,
    Step 1- Go to Invest Online and click on Register Now button. Then select “If you have already received the FPIN, please click here to create your user id & password” option.
    Step 2 – Mention desired User ID, Password, Folio Number, registered email ID, received FPIN and click on Submit.
    Step 3 – User ID will be created.

    c) Login to the Invest Online. Map the folio with your User Id and FPIN and start transacting.

    d) Follow the same process for mapping other folios held by you under your User id and password.

    To view demo of the registration process click here.

  3. What should I do with the earlier customer id allotted to me?
    Customer id was allotted only to view last 5 transactions with no transaction right. We have phased out / deactivated customer id and you will have to obtain a onetime FPIN that can be used to map your folio to your user id. The old customer ID will no longer be valid for the new website. 

  4. If I already have a user ID and password, what should do now in the new website?
    We have migrated all the existing User Id and Password to our new website.

    Please note that no folio is mapped by default to your existing User Id. The above process (point no.2) will have to be followed for mapping your folios to your User Id. This is a one time process only. 

  5. Who can transact through Invest Online?
    This facility is available to the following categories of investors,
    a) The mode of holding is “Single, Either or survivor and any one or survivor”.
    b) Resident Individuals including HUFs, guardians on behalf of minors.
    c) Non Resident Indians.
    d) Joint Holder can purchase online but can not redeem online.

  6. Do I need to be KYC compliant for making online investment?
    With effect from 1st January 2011, Know Your Customer (KYC) norms are mandatory for all investors (including existing investors), who wish to make investments in Mutual Funds, irrespective of the amount of investment. In case you are not a KYC compliant investor till now, we request you to please apply for KYC compliance by submitting the KYC form duly filled with the required details along with the relevant supporting documents to the nearest Point of Service (KRA Acceptance Centers). For any clarifications, please call us on Toll Free Number 1800 425 5425 or write to us at

  7. Can I make investment through any of my Net Banking Accounts?
    You can only make online investment through the bank account mapped / registered bank account with your folio. According to AMFI guidelines, investments made through third-party accounts will not to be processed by Mutual Funds. In case, it is found that the payment is not made from a registered bank account or from an account not belonging to the first named unit holder, SBI MF shall reject the transaction with due intimation to the investor.

  8. Can non individual investors get a FPIN and transact?

    There is a separate login and Registration process for Non individual investors.

  9. What are the types of transactions allowed on Invest Online?
    a) Additional Purchase
    b) Redemption
    c) Switch
    d) Generate Statement of Account
    e) Map / Remove folios
    f) Update contact details

  10. When will I be able to view my holdings in the website after completion of the transaction?
    The holding status will reflect on the website within 2 -5 days from the date of transaction.

  11. What should I do if I forget my password?
    In that case, click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ link and fill up the details (Folio Number, Registered Email ID, and User ID). The password will be sent to your registered email id. 

  12. Which are the schemes types available for Online Transaction?
    Various scheme types like Equity, Liquid, Debt, FMP, ETF, Fund of Fund and Hybrid are available for transactions through Invest Online.

  13. Is there a minimum transaction amount for each scheme?
    A minimum transaction amount is indicated against each scheme on the purchase page. The information will be displayed once you select the scheme of your choice.

  14. Can I make online and offline transaction in the same folio?
    Yes, both the facilities are available. You can transact online as well as by submitting a physical transaction at any of our official point of collections. 

  15. What is the cut off time?
    Cut off time for same day NAV is 3.00 P M. (for equity & Debt Schemes) All instructions received on transaction day before the cut off time will be eligible for same day’s NAV (except non business days). For transactions post cut off time, applicable NAV of the next business day will be applicable. 

  16. Can I transact anytime during the day?
    Yes, you can transact at any time of the day. However, in order to get the NAV of the same day, you will have to transact before the cut-off time of the scheme(s).

To view SBI MF Online demo click here