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April 2011

A lot of volatility was seen in the markets during the month of March and eventually the equity markets ended the month with substantial gains. The geo-political unrest in the middle-east and the earthquake cum tsunami in Japan were together responsible for the initial downturn in the markets during the month. However, markets changed trend and posted handsome gains for the month with the BSE Sensex closing up 9.10% while S&P Nifty made a 9.38% gain.

The other mega event of the month, ICC Cricket World Cup, also drew huge interest from all sections of society and the Indian Cricket team made all of us proud by winning the coveted tournament and exhibiting excellent all round performance.
The volatile market conditions signify the importance of investing in the equity markets in a disciplined way. And SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is perhaps one of the best ways of doing so without bothering about timing the market. SIP is a very effective and useful tool for long term wealth creation. 

SIP facility is available in our equity schemes with investment value as low as Rs. 500 per month. Please get in touch with our RMs at your nearest SBI MF Investor Service Centre / Investor Service Desk and they will assist you in enrolling for the same. I am glad to share with you that our quarterly average AUM for the period January - March 2011 stands at Rs. 41,671 crores. We have also had a sizeable amount of growth in assets during the year 2010 – 11, thanks to the support from all our investors.  As we enter the new financial year, let me take this opportunity to assure you that we would continue to offer innovative investment solutions to our investors.
We are absolutely committed to providing unparalleled service to our investors and to cater to your information, investment and servicing needs. Please feel free to call at our dedicated customer care numbers 1-800-425-5425 (MTNL/BSNL users only) and 080-26599420 from Monday to Saturday (8am – 10pm) or write to us at with your queries. Alternatively you can also visit your nearest Investor Service Centre / Investor Service Desk for any assistance.