Celebrate this Dhanteras with SBI Gold Fund
The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras symbolize happiness and prosperity. These occasions deserve celebrations that are truly golden. This Dhanteras invest in the SBI Gold Fund and add to your festivities, the glitter of good times to come.

SBI Gold Fund is an open ended fund of fund scheme, which will invest in units of SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme (SBI GETS). The scheme seeks to provide returns that closely correspond to the returns provided by SBI GETS. It gives you the benefit of getting an exposure to gold asset class in a convenient way, without having a Demat Account.

Why invest in gold?
Gold, the most precious metal of all, is also a popular form of investment. The savings come handy, for instance, during your daughter’s wedding. Investors can make the most out of its appreciating value potential without going through the hassles of physically possessing it, through Gold ETFs and Fund of Funds (FoFs). Better still, one may invest a small amount through SIP in Gold FoFs. So invest now and enjoy its growth potential.

Gold as an asset class:
Gold as an investment asset has given reasonable returns (in USD) during the last decade.

Hedge against other asset class:
Gold, as an asset class has low correlation with other asset classes like equity and bonds. It has low correlation with economic downturn in volatile times and is a good hedge against inflation. Coupled with strong appreciation for over a decade, Gold has emerged as an important asset class for investments in one's portfolio.

Easy and convenient way to diversify one's portfolio.

SIP in Gold

The following table shows the SIP returns in Gold for the past 10 years if Rs. 5000 were invested every month. It is seen that Gold has given reasonable returns.

Period 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years
Amount Invested (Rs.) 60,000 180,000 300,000 420,000 600,000
SIP Start Date 01/11/2012 01/11/2010 01/11/2008 01/11/2006 01/11/2003
Gold Price (Rs/Gm) (As on Oct 29, 2013) 2662.21 2662.21 2662.21 2662.21 2662.21
Total no. of units accumulated 21.89 71.10 148.20 266.61 538.74
Investment value (As on Oct 29, 2013) in Rs. 58,282.37 189,296.27 394,531.94 7,09,759.39 1,434,231.54
Returns on SIP in Gold (%) -5.30% 3.31% 10.91% 14.74% 16.62%
Source: Bloomberg. Past Performance may or may not be sustained in future.

Source: Bloomberg. Returns are as on 29/10/2013 with SIP being done on 1st of every month. Returns are CAGR & have been calculated for cash flows at different point of time using XIRR function in excel spreadsheet for LBMA AM Fix closing prices converted into INR.Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.

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